Marv Anderson Voices


Whether it’s a commercial, narration, audiobook, or character role, I bring a bold, fun, and versatile voice to every project. I take direction well and enjoy developing a rapport with the producer, engineer, and the rest of the team.

My voice has been described as Fun, Animated, Conversational, Engaging, Authoritative, Clear, Funny, Energetic, Versatile, Friendly, Down-to-Earth, Young, Mature, Dramatic.

Accents include: Deep Southern, Texas, Upper Mid-West (Oh yah), Canadian, British, Irish, Scottish, French, Spanish, Latino, Indian, and several others

Characters include: Over-the-Top Announcer Guy, New York Mob Boss (OOOHH! Fuggetaboutit), Hard-boiled Detective, Nerd, Redneck, plus many more